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You love paper, but you want to get this part of the process done efficiently

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You want to mix and match different designs for the perfect invitation

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You love paper, but you want to get this part of the process done efficiently. You are excited to come into our showroom for a two hour appointment and go through binders of invitation samples provided by our over 30 vendors of wedding invitations to see which one will help set the tone of your wedding with your guests. Our vendors range in style from extremely traditional to art deco and funky and in price from $10/suite up to $50/suite. A suite includes an invitation, a reply card, and an envelope for each. Printing methods include digital, thermography, letterpress, and engraving. This process typically takes six to eight weeks from the time you order to receive your invitations, however, most of our vendors accept rush orders when needed. You will work with one sales and design specialist through the entire process.

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Questions to ask if you want to go with our vendor collection:

  • Do you like to see a hard copy sample (with someone else’s wording) of what your invitation might look like before you order it?
  • Do you want to pick your invitations, send your wording, see a proof or two, and be done with the paper process?
  • Do you like paper, but are super busy and need to keep checking the boxes on wedding preparation?
  • Do you love a particular vendor and only want to use them for your invitations?


When you come meet with us (either in person or virtually), you usually have at least five invitations you’ve received or seen online and liked. However, none of these are quite right for you and you are hoping to use bits and pieces from all of them plus perhaps some other creative ideas you’ve been mulling in your head. You’ll be assigned a graphic design specialist who will work through the proofing process with you to create your dream suite. Our custom suites start at $12/suite (digitally printed) and can run up to more than $50/suite. Custom suites typically take eight to ten weeks, but we’ve turned them around as fast as four weeks when there is a time crunch.

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Questions to ask if you want to custom design your suite:

  • Do you love paper and the creative process?
  • Do you want to personally select fonts, papers, colors, styles, and themes?
  • Do you have enough time to comfortably work through the design process?
  • Do you love paper? (I know we asked that twice)
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