Hi, I am Jill and I am the owner of The Dandelion Patch.

I consider myself a multi media artist with a love for painting, drawing, photography, crafting, design and of course, stationery. While obtaining my degree in graphic design from The University of the Arts, I stumbled into my lifelong love for paper. I first started as a production assistant for a stationery company in Philadelphia. I spent my days getting to explore all aspects of stationery from printing to assembly. After graduating, I was looking to further my stationery career and discovered The Dandelion Patch.

In 2016 I joined the The Dandelion Patch team as a design intern where I was able to combine my previous production knowledge with my love for design. I found myself craving even more knowledge of the industry. After a few months of interning, I moved up to a full time design specialist. This is when my career and talent blossomed. I was able to meet my clients face to face and see my designs through the entire process–from development to design, and finally production. Getting the opportunity to guide my clients from start to finish was everything I loved about the process. Soon enough, I became lead designer and sales specialist where I could guide my team creatively to achieve success.

Fast forward to 2021 where I took over as Owner and CEO of The Dandelion Patch. Each day I get to experience something new and continue to grow my love and knowledge of stationery and the wonderful industry I am so grateful to be a part of. I want every client to feel at ease knowing they will receive a truly exceptional, creative, knowledgeable and one-of-a-kind experience from start to finish.

I look forward to seeing what we can dream up together!

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