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Posted: September 2, 2017

Although the temperatures out around these days still waver in the 80s, September’s arrival is a silent reminder that summer is nearing its end. In the spirit of good times from summer 2017, we’d like to bring you a wedding trend feature that’ll make you reminisce on those midsummer’s days of lounging under the sun, soaking up all that Vitamin-D and sweating like a hog. But more importantly, after reading this blog you’ll be able to recall all the ice cream that you sought out, no doubt about that! Scroll down to check out various creative ways summer weddings have endeavored to include this sweet treat in their reception!

Featured Below: Kitchn

Ice cream cake is always a delicious alternative to regular cake!

Featured Below: Wedding Creative Blog

Or… how about a giant sundae? Not only is it much easier to share, there are no sharp knives involved either!

Featured Below: Noshing with the Nolands

Knowing how amazing orange creamsicles can be, this float version of the same treat must just be as delightful!

Featured Below: Bride and Breakfast

Keep the cones, switch out the actual ice cream for some color-coordinated floral pieces, and voilà! – you now have a gorgeous centerpiece!

Featured Below: The TomKat Studio

Shake things up a bit with the self-serve system! Here’s to a fantastic ice cream cookie experience!

Featured Below: Etsy

Fit in some custom-made utensils so your names are remembered!

Featured Below: Bridal Guide

Bring back the childhood familiarity of the ice cream truck – what a great way to bond with your guests!

Featured Below: The Cookie Rookie

Raspberry sorbet plus some pink champagne? It’s certainly making us drool just imagining how refreshing it would taste!

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