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Posted: September 8, 2017

The rising trend of minimalist fashion has finally set foot as an established label within wedding wear. In the past year or so, designers have honed in on the poised simplicity and subtle elegance of the style, creating looks that mimicked those that were heavily embraced in the early 90s. Minimalism places more weight on characterizing function and comfort than elaborate and distinctive features. For wedding dresses in particular, minimalist styles attempt to draw attention to the natural beauty of the figure wearing the dress (rather than bury the bride in a mountain of expensive fabric and lace!)

Featured Below: Glamour

Clean-cut and decisive edges build up the minimalist statement! Though completely unadorned, a gown like this is guaranteed to make heads turn!

Featured Below: BHLDN

The ballgown look exudes just the right amount of princess-ness, and with the added modern touch of the plunging V-neck and spaghetti straps to help show off your figure, there’s no reason to not embrace the idea of being the belle of your own wedding ball!

Featured Below: Festival Brides

The subtlety of minimalist fashion never gets old! A dress with a simple, modest front almost always has something unexpected going on in the back, cue image above.

Featured Below: Wedding Inspirasi

A bit of lace never killed nobody…except in the fashion arena of the wedding ceremony!

Featured Below: The Knot

Paired with mesh lines that trace the natural curves of one’s figure, this streamline gown does wonders for the female body! Pull the look together with some white lace gloves to bring out the complete modern vintage vibe.

Featured Below: Green Wedding Shoes

A high slit in your skirt will ensure that when your legs get too claustrophobic underneath, it can peep out and breathe effortlessly!

Featured Below: Brides

A silky-smooth, slip-like dress hugs the figure just enough that the overall ensemble remains loose but intriguing!

Featured Below: The Telegraph

The consistently clean, simple nature of the minimalist dress holds no limitation on accessorizing!

Featured Below: Truvelle

Few styles out there could pull off the floor-length veil and still embody such a angelic, dreamy aura.

Featured Below: White Magazine

What if the minimalist atmosphere permeated your entire wedding day? Host a minimalism-themed wedding for a casual celebration, such as one in a warehouse as pictured above?

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