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Posted: January 12, 2018

We are dreaming of warmer weather and thinking ahead to spring and all the upcoming weddings we have!  Today we are featuring florals, because, they are such a big part of someones wedding.  The floral trend is always changing and becoming more and more spectacular!  We love seeing how creative planners and brides can get!

Featured Below: Brides

Hanging florals should never go out of style! If your wedding is inside and you want an outdoor feel this is the perfect way to incorporate both! 

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Floral hoops are also a new trend, they can add depth to your reception and also are a great accent piece behind the bride and grooms table! 

Featured Below: 100 Layer Cake 

Geometric floral holders are very popular, especially in the copper color! Adding another element to the plating is always fun too! 

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Combining classic greenery with a rustic table setting is always gorgeous! 

Featured Below: Junebug Wedding

Finally, add a vintage piece with bold flowers to make your centerpieces stand out! 

Flower goals are definitely a thing and are very on trend right now, we hope this trend continues! Additionally, be sure to follow us at The Dandelion Patch on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter!