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Posted: August 25, 2017

Poppy red isn’t usually one to make an appearance during wedding season – especially not during the summertime. Being so close in color tone with primary red, it would often be paired with colors to reflect specific themes and reasons of celebration. For instance, when paired with green or white, people think Christmas; when paired with blue, people think America. Imagine our surprise as we discovered another color-combo fit for our current sun-kissed season! Poppy red, paired with lighter hues of blue or aqua – “robin egg blue”, as we would like to call it. This juxtaposed pairing not only successfully steers clear of both Christmastime and American themes, but it manages also to exert its own quality and ambience! Keep scrolling to check for more inspirations!

Featured Below: Wedding Chicks

Go totally retro with these soda pop glass bottles as center pieces! 

Featured Below: Etsy

You want to be marrying a handsome man that’ll come to sweep you off your feet come wedding day! We suggest wearing a robin egg blue boutonniere or blue suspenders to perfect your color-coordination.

Featured Below: D Weddings

Umbrellas in the summer: we call them “Sun-brellas”!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

Perhaps it’s due to the strawberries pooled at its base that the cake now knows how to maintain its summer day vibes with its otherwise red-and-blue exterior!

Featured Below: French Wedding Style

Here’s a frontal view of the two colors working together! The poppy red bouquet looks absolutely ravishing against the lighter greenish-blue tone immediately behind!

Featured Below: Pinterest/Inspiring Pretty

Aside from the flowing, calf-length dress and those absolutely gorgeous peep-toe heels – what else would you still need once you’ve got both a polished husband-to-be and a spunky little pup right by your side!

Featured Below: Every Last Detail

In addition to retro, people have incorporated our featured color pair in beach or ocean themed weddings, just with the addition of a few simple seashells and painted twigs to mimic coral.

Whether or not you decide that this is the color palette for you, we’ll be more than happy to help you create perfectly fitting stationary for your wedding! Come check out our gallery of pretty paper for more inspiration at The Dandelion Patch on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter!