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Posted: June 26, 2017

Millennial pink: the color everyone is talking about! But what is it exactly? The experts will often disagree when it comes to this shade, as it can be referring to anything from blush to a hint of bubblegum pink. From Pantone’s Color of the Year in 2016 being named Rose Quartz to the launch of the rose gold iPhone, our consumer world has brought this shade into its current spotlight. You’ve seen it on Instagram in every form: food, hair, clothes, and just about everything else. But here’s our little secret: millennial pink is just as timeless as it is trendy. This shade, which really does cross a broad spectrum, can be incorporated into your wedding in so many different ways. Still not sold on the idea of being a blushing pink bride? Check out some of the many ways brides are using millennial pink in their weddings below! And don’t forget, the Patchettes are always excited to use pink in your wedding paper too!

Featured Below: Beau Coup

Your bridesmaids would look stunning in blushing pink, the perfect compliment to make your wedding gown stand out in photographs.

Featured Below: Liv for Cake

How delicious does this pink cake look? This little surprise in the middle of your dessert is a more subtle way to add some millennial pink into your day.

Featured Below: Return to Sunday Supper

YUM! This recipe for the “Charleston Pink Lady Cocktail” looks perfectly pink! 

Featured Below: Pop Sugar

Macaroons and other small desserts are the ideal way to give guests a choice on their dessert! And how lovely do the pink ones look?

Featured Below: Wedding Forward

Bouquets with pink flowers are nothing new. However, using different shades of millennial pink from blush to salmon gives your flowers a new level of trendiness!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

Addicted to the trend yet? If you are, go for a full-blow pink soiree and wear a blush gown! Colored wedding gowns have really come into trend with idea that brides are loving passing up on tradition for modern trends.

Featured Below: Beau Coup

Your ceremony space is a place you may have never even considered incorporating millennial pink into! Whether it be your backdrop, chairs, or flowers, pink is the prettiest choice for you!

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