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Posted: July 10, 2017

Every bride wants their wedding to look elegant, beautiful, and expensive. But not every bride has the budget to make this happen! DIY decorations, if done right, can make just as much of an impression on your guests. 

Here’s today’s out of the ordinary DIY idea: using hula hoops! Hula hoops and embroidery hoops are swinging into the wedding scene as versatile and cheap objects you can use to make your day special! Don’t have a clue what we’re talking about? Check out some of these ideas below to get you started. From their the possibilities are endless!

Featured Below: Design Sponge

You can’t even tell this hanging fixture at a reception is constructed of hula hoops! The greenery completely transforms the space and gives it a light and airy feeling.

Featured Below: Deer Pearl Flowers

Embroidered hoops are another way to introduce lace or handmade crafts into your ceremony or reception space. Show off your skills!

Featured Below: Weddingomania

Consider using hoops as an escort card holder or as a place to use your names in the reception space for a photo opportunity. 

Featured Below: Weddingomania

Not sold on a chandelier? How about one made of flowers, candles and lace? So boho chic!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

These large greenery fixtures are so romantic for this reception space. 

Featured Below: Frieda Theres

Nontraditional bride? How about this spin on a nontraditional bridal bouquet?

Featured Below: Simply White Photo

Want more space to use flowers and greenery in your reception space? Just look up!

Featured Below: Gold Leaf Floral

Consider this: using smaller hoops to build an archway for your ceremony space? Circular and spectacular, and your guests will be none the wiser you didn’t break the bank!

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